no homo 


no homo 

kaworu + smiling at shinji (´∀`)♡

little vanilla doodle b4 bed!! she is transparent and v cute…should have added normad but oh well


I hate it when I get inspired to art

and then I art

and the art says no


little boys

ive never done a screencap redraw thing b4….its p fun i guess…..mmmmm

wip obvi


The Glitter Glitter Killer’s coming now, right now, from the sky,

can someone please teach me how to draw


eva version of that selfie meme but kaworu would totally just take a really gross close up of shinji’s face

I just keep listening to fine on the outside over and over again and I’m crying my eyes out this is such a relatable song and Anna is such a relatable character I’m just :/// man I hope no one comes in my room and sees me crying like a fckin nerd